We are building legged robots to be fluid, dynamic, and agile, to approach and eventually exceed animal mobility, using legs, arms, and perception. Our hardware is second to none, and will enable this performance - with the right controls coordination. The controls team at Agility Robotics coordinates closely with the mechanical design team to ensure hardware that is made for control; as an integrated team, we design behaviors through cooperation between mechanical passive dynamics and control software.

Agility Robotics seeks robotics and controls engineers with experience applying rigorous mathematical tools to dynamic machines. Experience with legged locomotion is not necessary, and depending on the specific approach, may or may not be helpful. If you have controlled an inverted pendulum, a juggling robot, a ping-pong playing robot, or anything involving multiple joints and fast, dynamic motion, you begin to have the background we seek.

Required Qualifications:

  • MATLAB and Simulink Expert
  • B.S, M.S., or Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, computer science, or similar
  • Experience developing, debugging, and optimizing real-time controls on highly dynamic machines
  • Strong intuition for physical movement in machines, and insight into the physics of motion

Desired Experience:

  • Underactuated controls development
  • Sensor fusion and state estimation
  • Motion planning and vision processing
  • Code control and revision tracking

To Apply

Send info@agilityrobotics.com a single PDF including (in the following order) a short cover letter describing your interests and motivation, resume, a list of 3 references and their contact information, and whatever additional material you feel is relevant (such as images of robots, or links to URLs or videos).