Cassie - Next Generation Robot (3:27)  |  Documentary covering the development of Cassie.

Walking and Running: Bio-Inspired Robotics (21:17)  |  TEDx Talk, explaining big-picture motivation and vision for legged robotics.

Imagine a reality in which robots interact with us on a daily basis, where seeing a robot walking down the street is no longer the realm of science fiction. This reality is closer than it appears.

ATRIAS: The Next Step Forward (16:28)  |  Documentary covering live demonstration of ATRIAS at the DARPA Robotics Challenge.

ATRIAS is a series of prototype human-scale bipedal robots designed and built by the Oregon State University Dynamic Robotics Laboratory. They were designed to test and demonstrate theoretical concepts for efficient and agile locomotion, ultimately aiming for walking and running outside in rough terrain.

Designing Robots to Walk and Run (1:08:59)  |  Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute Seminar.

Legged locomotion is a challenging physical interaction task: underactuation, unexpected impacts, and large and rapidly changing forces and velocities are commonplace. Utilizing passive hardware dynamics in tight integration with the software control, with both aspects of “behavior design” considered together as part of the overall design process, can drastically improve the performance of a machine as measured by efficiency, agility, and robustness to disturbances.

This design philosophy was recently demonstrated on ATRIAS, a bipedal spring-mass robot. The passive dynamics of the hardware match a simple biomechanically-derived spring-mass model, while the software control relies on the passive dynamics as an integrated aspect of the system behavior. ATRIAS walks using approximately 400W of power, accelerates to a run, handles large unexpected obstacles with no prior knowledge of the terrain, and is the first machine to reproduce the dynamics of a human walking gait. In this presentation, we explain our design philosophy, results with ATRIAS, current work on a successor robot Cassie, and plans for commercialization of this technology by Agility Robotics.

ATRIAS: An Agile and Efficient Bipedal Robot (1:39)  |  Highlight Reel showing ATRIAS capabilities.

ATRIAS is a dynamic bipedal robot built at Oregon State University's Dynamic Robotics Laboratory as a research tool to understand the science of walking and running.