We build machines today for academic, corporate, and military research and development, working towards a diverse range of near-future applications:

  • Research machines: Cassie, a bipedal robot for walking and running, is available for research and development markets.
  • Military: Legged robots have the potential to save American lives, by scouting ahead into unknown spaces and serving as a mobile sensor platform that can go where people go.
  • Telepresence, remote sensing, and search and rescue: Robotic legged locomotion will enable live, real-time sensing with human-like mobility.
  • Delivery and Courier service: A fleet of autonomous vehicles will deliver packages to your curb; a robot will take it to your doorstep. The entire system will be fast, delivering groceries in time for dinner; it will be less expensive than shopping in a store; and it will utilize existing roads and walkways. Automated delivery logistics will revolutionize the retail market.